Paleo Pug

Mya was Paleo first in our household, however we didn't know Paleo existed at the time.  Mya is a crazy, lazy, fun loving pug who has been a part of my life since college.  She brings so much joy and challenges into everyday life that I wouldn't know what to do without her!  Unfortunately Mya has suffered from skin problems including shedding, itchy flaky skin, strong odor and increased ear wax for years.  I had to give her a bath at least once a week and constantly carry a lint roller.  After her 6th skin infection I had enough.  I broke down and went to an expensive pet boutique in my area to try and find a miracle cure for her smell and skin issues.  The owner was present that day and took time to speak with me about what could be going on.  He said that Mya could have a grain allergy and her skin issues may be a symptom of reactions she has to eating grains.  His Boston Terrier had similar problems which went away when he switched to grain free food.  I decided to give it a try since I didn't have anything to lose. 

Mya was started on Fromm Grain Free Surf and Turf dog food which she loved! Amazingly after less than 1 month on a grain free diet, Mya stopped shedding, stopped itching, no longer smelled and had clean ears.  I was shocked and relieved at the same time.  Finally I had found a solution to her misery.  From that point on Mya never was given any type of grain based dog food.  Mya even started getting grass-fed beef cooked in coconut oil as a soft food mixed into the dry.  I started using eggs cooked in bacon fat and chicken as treats instead of the store bought mystery grains shaped into steaks. 

With Mya's success I started to really think about what I was feeding her all those years.  What did our domesticated dog's ancestors eat?  Mya is a dog and dogs come from the wolf family. "At the molecular level not much changed at all: The DNA makeup of wolves and dogs is almost identical" according to evolution of dogs.  In a nutshell dogs are carnivores that are genetically engineered to eat meat, not grains.  You don't see wolves or dogs for that matter eating wheat, soybean, or corn from a field.  So why do we buy dog food that is almost entirely made up of grains?  Why is it that our four legged friends are becoming more sick and dying of cancer, kidney disease, obesity and many other health problems than years past?  Maybe it has to do with their diet and how diet affects their overall health and longevity.

Mya is healthier and happier than ever!  I just wish I would have figured out the source of her health issues sooner, but I'm grateful to finally have an answer.  Do your little domesticated carnivore a favor and try out a grain free, meat focused meal today and see the difference it makes in their health and overall well being.  The reward will be two fold: a happier pet and the possibility of many more years with your fur baby.


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