Paleo Guilty Pleasures

Even Paleo people get cravings for sweets and treats. Let's face it, who doesn't like desserts or chocolate? The Paleo lifestyle doesn't mean an end to after meal desserts, party sweets, or the every now and then guilty pleasure snack. It's all about staying as natural and unprocessed as possible when satisfying your sweet tooth.

We have heard for years that dark chocolate is full of antioxidants that are good for your body and guess's Paleo. Well, dark chocolate with all natural, minimal ingredients and ranging from 85% dark or higher is a perfect Paleo chocolate fix. Try a piece of dark chocolate with fresh berries for a satisfying finish to a meal. My personal favorite is Green & Black's 85% Organic Dark Chocolate and bonus, it goes great with wine!

Fresh fruit is a great sweet treat and dessert option for every occasion. Most Paleo people will find fruits are intense with sugary sweet taste since their taste buds have adapted to natural sugars and not the artificial, high fructose corn syrup loaded desserts at the supermarket. Once you start the Paleo lifestyle, you will truly enjoy a piece of fresh fruit and appreciate its taste and role as dessert!

Other great dessert options are Lara Bars and macaroons. Both can be made (recipes to come), however, Whole Foods and other health stores offer pre-made, unprocessed, all natural ones for purchase. Finally, don't forget about raw honey. Sweeten up tea, coffee, fruits, salads, etc. for a sugar fix, but remember, use in moderation. It is a sugar after all and should be considered a treat!

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