Paleo Dining Out

Dining out when Paleo is not impossible, but it does take being prepared to make the right food and restaurant choices.  At all cost try to avoid fast food.  Avoid all gluten and grain based food items on the menu.  You can always find meat and veggie choices on a menu that can be custom prepared if you inform your waiter.  Ask to substitute vegetables or a baked sweet potato in place of gluten and grain based sides. 

Grilled meats are usually a safe bet.  Some Japanese Hibachi grills offer a choice of protein with extra veggies (sans rice) and salad with gluten free sauces.  Spanish Tapas restaurants are another great eating out option that offers mostly meat and vegetable centered dishes.  Thai restaurants offer a variety of coconut milk based dishes with a choice of protein and vegetable that can be cooked to fit Paleo.  You can’t always control everything that is used to prepare and make the food when eating out, but you can control your protein and sides to fit a Paleo lifestyle.   

Here are some dishes that I have ordered when eating out.

Meson Sabika Tapas, Naperville, IL

Grilled Artic Char with a Pineapple Lemon Sauce over Fresh Spinach

Grilled Beef Tenderloin in a Red Wine Cherry Tomato Sauce with Sweet Potato Puree

Merkels Bar & Grill, Wrigleyville, Chicago, IL

Bun less burger with fried egg and bacon with extra lettuce

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